Brookside Baptist Church
Monday, April 27, 2015
Brookside Cares


The women's ministry at Brookside exists to use our God-given gifts and talents

as women to bring ourselves and others closer to Christ!

Women's Ministry meets the first Wednesday each month at 10:00am in Common Grounds



Women of Brookside

Join us each the third Tuesday of each month

from 11am-1pm for a time of fun and fellowship.

Bring a friend, your lunch and project you are wanting to share with

others or your favorite game




DaySpring Villa

The only Faith-Based, certified domestic violence shelter for

women and their children who are in need of your help. They have

 a need for volunteers in every area, from child care during

bible studies to helping with meals, yard maintaince or

just listening. If you can help, please contact the churh

office 918.742.2426x1 

 Esstenial needs:  

                    ***Cake Mixes and Icings           ***Cream of Mushroom Soup                

                    ***Cream of Chicken Soup         ***Paper Towels                          

                    ***Laundry Detergent                 ***Ladies panties (all sizes)           

                         All baby supplies                      Coffee

                         Spaghetti Sauce                        Cereal

                         Ranch Salad Dressing              Canned Fruit  

                         Fruit juice                                   Coffee Creamer 

                         Cooking Oil                                Snack Items