Brookside Baptist Church
Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Deacon Body

Meet Your Deacon Body

Chairman of Deacons
 Mike Williams - joined Brookside July 1995   
 Mike is self-employed and restores Sports and Performance cars.
He has served in the Children's area,RA's & GA's, he (and his wife Cindy, of 37 years) are Dr. Bones & Dr. Bones in the "Quest Room", and spend many joyous hours getting to know our Seniors at Brookside. They dedicate their lives to serving God, sharing what God blesses them with,  and caring for their 8 cats and 2 dogs.
 John Tipton - joined Brookside July 2000 
 John currently teaches at OU College of Medicine. He enjoys sailing, camping and snow skiing, is married to Penny, and has 6 children and 6 grand children.
 Joe Glenn - joined Brookside January 2002
 Joe is retired from the Corps of Engineers and currently owns his own surverying company.  Joe has served as Sunday School Director, on the Personnal Committee, Leadership Council, Finance Committee, chruch security and so many more ministies.  Married to Barbara, daughters Jonna and JoAnn, son Randy and 8 grandchildren.
Carl Burgman - joined Brookside March 2008 
Carl is a Petroleum Engineer and is currently serving on the Finance Team. He is married to Jenny and they dedicate their lives to the  "Boss-dog" Minnie. Carl enjoys playing golf and traveling.