Brookside Baptist Church
Saturday, October 25, 2014

Music Ministry


Summer is Upon Us!

Our choirs are out of rehearsal for the next few weeks but there is a lot going on behind the scenes.  We have plans to make, potential new music to listen to, and visions of great musical programs to dream of.  The Sanctuary Choir will fill the choir loft each Sunday as this summer schedule is in progress, but hopefully anticipation is building for when we get back in the swing of things. 

Our Children's Choirs (M&Ms and Lil' M&Ms) will start back up on Wednesday evening, August 20th.  Help spread the word because both of the choirs are starting to prepare special programs for December.  The M&Ms will perform a drama musical on Sunday morning, December 7th.  If you were here last year you will have been blessed by the FABULOUS ACTING and MUSICAL ABILITY of our M&Ms (Melody Makers).  If you thought that was spectacular then get this date on your calendar.  Plan on being here, bringing your friends and enjoying a fabulous time. 

Our Lil' M&Ms are presenting their very first Christmas Program.  I hear that they will have Christmas Bells, singing, and even scripture memory work.  This will be the Sunday before Christmas on December 21st.  DON'T MISS THIS it is a must see.  Also, help our leaders to find children from three to kindergarten that will join in and be a part of this great choir.

Last but certainly not least, our SANCTUARY CHOIR and DRAMA TEAM are presenting our Christmas Musical on Sunday evening, December 14th.  This will be preceded by a dinner in Fellowship Hall.   If you were here last year you were blessed by the marvelous decorations (provided in big part by Nancy and Dan Willis) in the Sanctuary, and the ambiance of Christmas (provided by Barbara Glenn) in the Fellowship Hall.  Just the decor is enough to come see, but the actual musical will warm your heart, draw you closer to our LORD and give you the FEELING OF CHRISTMAS like you have never had before. 

Don't miss a thing because CHRISTMAS at BROOKSIDE BAPTIST is extremely special.  Now we need people to get excited and want to be a part of this fantastic experience.  For further info see Sherry Remy.