Brookside Baptist Church
Friday, February 05, 2016
Brookside Cares

Our Purpose


Walking with God, living out the Great Commandment and

the Great Commission to the glory of God!

Our pupose at Brookside Baptist Church is simple. 

We exist to meet real needs and share the love and message of Christ.


Relevant to today...

When surveys are conducted to ask why people don't attend church, some of the most frequent answers are, "The services are boring.  The sermons don't relate to everyday life.  The church makes me feel guilty.  The church is always asking for money."  Such replies indicate that needs are not being met.
People are seeking direction in coping with the problems they face in their daily lives: How to handle the stress of our fast-paced world, build strong and positive relationships and how to find authentic fulfillment.
At Brookside, we address these needs through practical messages drawn from the Word of God.  The Sunday morning service may also incorporate the use of drama as a way of identifying real life issues.  The emphasis is always on relationships rather than religion.  Our message is:  every person matters to God.


Sensitive to needs...

Being a child or a teenager in today's world is not easy.  Conflicting messages abound.  Peer pressure is intense.  Role models are often questionable.  At Brookside, our children's program emphasizes the truth of God's love for them as individuals.  They learn that each one is valued by God and therefore is to be valued by others.
Our student ministry is designed to to assist young people in growing up and standing strong.  The focus is not a list of "do's" and "don't's", but about how to overcome the pressures they face and live a full and exciting life that honors Christ.
Adults face a variety of difficult issues today.  Decisions about careers, personal relationships, or moral standards are among the various concerns they may be handling.  For the single adult, there may be additional concerns regarding marriage, re-marriage, blended families, and so on.  Brookside offers an opportunity to learn and apply God's wisdom for today's problems.  There is also the sense of "family" so greatly needed in our splintering world.  We invite you to become part of the Brookside Family that is "A Place to Believe...A Place to Belong!"


What matters most...

The greatest need in anyone's life is to have a personal relationship with God.  Many have tried to meet that need through religion.  The problem is that religion is spelled, "D.O.", and is man's attempt to earn God's favor by trying to be good enough and it centers on self-achievement.
Christianity, however is spelled, "D.O.N.E." and centers on what Jesus Christ has done for us.  He has accomplished what we never could by the sacrifice of Himself.  He has paid the price for all our sins--once and for all.  It is finished.  Done!
Our part is to admit our need for Christ and trust in Him instead of ourselves.  When we accept His gracious offer to be our Lord and Savior, He places us in a right relationship with God.  The case for our condemnation is closed forever!  Eternal life is now ours through Jesus Christ, God's Son.
Christianity is a relationship with the living Lord.  He loves us unconditionally and nothing can ever change that.  Even our failures will not diminsih His love for us.  Just as He is the eternal God, so His love is unending--it never runs out!